Bridle Rings

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ModelDescriptionMaterialSizeFinishMaster CartonQuantity
634RBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 1"Zinc Plated100100
634RWBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 1"Zinc Plated100100
646RBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 1-1/2"Zinc Plated100100
646RWBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 1-1/2"Zinc Plated100100
648RBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 2"Zinc Plated100100
648RSSBridle RingStainless Steel(Ring Diameter) 2"Zinc Plated100100
648RWBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 2"Zinc Plated100100
654RBridle RingSteel(Ring Diameter) 4"Zinc Plated5050
BRS15Bridle Ring SaddlePlastic1.45 x 1.94 x 1.12100100
BRS2Bridle Ring SaddlePlastic1.80 x 2.30 x 1.50100100
654RSBridle Ring with SaddleSteel(Ring Diameter) 4"Zinc Plated5050
648RWSBridle Ring with SaddleSteel(Ring Diameter) 2"Zinc Plated5050
648RSBridle Ring with SaddleSteel(Ring Diameter) 2"Zinc Plated5050
646RWSBridle Ring with SaddleStainless Steel(Ring Diameter) 1-1/2"Stainless5050
646RSBridle Ring with SaddleSteel3.50 x 1.96 x 1.18Zinc Plated5050